MT4 for Mobile

Super-fast one-click trading, all from the palm of your hand – fast and simple!

Whether your device of choice is powered by Android or iOS, at APP FX you can download the powerful MT4 from the Apple App Store or Google Play and start trading the global financial markets in minutes.

You get instant access to live quotes and you can buy or sell more than 60 global instruments covering FX pairs, commodities, precious metals and the world’s top indices.

Advantages of the APP FX MetaTrader 4

Super simple positon management

You can open, close and amend positions on any version of our MT4 offering. Speed up your trading by customising the MT4 dashboard on your phone so everything is at your fingertips. View your full trading history at all times.

Real-time interactive charts

MT4 has a comprehensive charting package built in to the functionality of the mobile trading platform. You can access advanced charting features and your favourite indicators. Adcanced charting and didicators.

Live prices in real-time

Our mobile MT4 offering provides you with instantly updating price from our liquidity providers. Never miss a trade or price point with our MT4 platform and take your trading with you. Place any type of order directly via your mobile device.

Fast execution

You need to be able to access the markets 24-hours a day and make trading decision on the go. Trading via our deddp liquidity, fast execution and ultralight spreads via our mobile MT4 applications will keep you at the cutting-edge of trading access.

Start trading the global financial markets from the palm of your hand today
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